Saline and Fiber Colon Cleanse


*Please consult your doctor before administering to yourself or children.

F I R S T,  do a fiber drink such as the Coarse Milled and Unflavored Metamucil upon waking after a full term sleep of 6-8 hours or more (I take all three servings at once with 24oz water to wash it all down).

S E C O N D,  wait until 2 hours after the last meal of my day to mix together the following ingredients:

  • 1 Liter distilled water heated to lukewarm temperature
  • Stir in 2 teaspoons of iodine-free sea salt aka uniodized (the sea salt will dissolve)

Then drink all of it within a decent time frame such as all at once or by sipping up to 45 minutes, as the solution may begin to take effect as soon as one hour and you need to be finished before that happens.

I found my trips to the throne to be limited to only once, but your experience may vary from my own.

T H I R D,  now that your cleanse has been completed for today, I recommend a good 10 strain pro-biotics yogurt with at least 10 live and active cultures, such as the one distributed by LIFEWAY called Kefir. It is NOT the typical 2-4 strain yogurt we see people buying most often, and this one should be found in your milk section, not the yogurt section. The pro-biotics is recommended as this cleanse will not only kill the unwanted bacteria, but the wanted bacteria needed to keep the digestive tract healthy will be killed as well.

*Please do your cleanse responsibly

Rumor Has It:

-This may be a detox that can result in any number of detox symptoms, such as diarrhea, headache, sweats, etc. However after doing your research, you may find it may not be a proven detox.

-This cleanse may kill parasites.

-Resting on your right side for 30 minutes after you have finished drinking the solution, will aide in the clean up process. ( I’m not up to date on why this is necessary, so please do your research before beginning any home remedy cleanses)

-Solution measurements may be adjusted to find what works for you ( I do not recommend this)

-Drinking a laxative tea, may help speed up the process.

-The cleanse can be done on a daily basis from 10-90 days

-You may need a commode seat belt 😉


-Buy your distilled water on sale

-Coupons are available, such as for the LIFEWAY Kefir

-Set your alarm to take your medications/vitamins 1/2 way through your 6-8 hours of sleep, to avoid running into losing medication/vitamin potency when doing the cleanse. (This tip is for medications/vitamins that need to be taken on an empty stomach and ONLY upon approval from your doctor)

-Drinking from a straw will help you limit how salty your solution is to you by protecting most of your fore-tongue from solution saturation.

-Eat an organic diet


After the 10-90 days cleanse has been completed, be sure your food and drink intakes are items that will nourish your body, not rob the nourishment you need. Treat your digestive system gently, as you might do when feeding a toddler. TLC will take you a long way from bodily diseases.

Items You Will Need for the Cleanse:

Fiber Mix

Cooking Pot (for heating water)

Stove Top

1 Liter Measuring Cup

1 Liter Distilled Water

2 Teaspoons Un-iodized Sea Salt



10 strain pro-biotics of live and active cultured yogurt


Toilet Paper

Alarm for mid sleep medication/vitamin reminder

Before I Send You on Your Journey:

Your experiences will make a world of difference to our readers. If you have already practiced this saline cleanse with a result worth noting, please leave your comments.

I also have done this cleanse on several occasions now and will be happy to leave more detailed graphics of my personal experience upon special request from my readers.

Good luck and remember- Consult your doctor before beginning any cleanse and cleanse responsibly

Also- Just in case I left out any details . . . simply consult doctor, drink fiber, drink saline solution, wait by toilet, drink pro-biotics 😉